without second-guessing yourself, wasting your time or burning yourself out

If you’re a health and wellness practitioner, running your own show and looking to grow a business that you absolutely LOVE, then you probably already know that the fastest and most predictable way to get there is by following a clear path, a formula.

And, yes if you’re in a practice of one, I’m talking to you!

As a practice owner, you realize that it’s not about getting just MORE clients. It’s about getting more of the RIGHT clients. The clients you love working with. Where you finish the session on a high because of a breakthrough or an ‘aha’ moment – where you remember why you got into your profession in the first place.

You know that finding more clients and more of your ideal clients is easier said than done though.

Sometimes you revert to seeing ‘anyone and everyone’ to make sure you can pay your bills. You know you need to differentiate yourself. But not being able to take home a decent wage while you’re figuring everything out is super scary. You know that not committing to following a clear strategy will keep you stuck.

Did you know that 20% of small businesses fail in year 1, and 50% fail by year 5? (Bureau of Labor Statistics, US).

Oh heck no! I don’t want you to even be on struggle street let alone end up as a statistic. And you won’t.

There’s a much better way. 


Even if you’re lucky enough to have regular income from your practice, following a formula and implementing your own digital marketing strategies to connect you with more clients and the right clients can:

Maintain a full and consistent schedule
You have so much to give, but perhaps you’re not sure how to attract the right clients. Implementing the formula means taking the guesswork out of growing your business and attracting great fitting clients who can easily justify your fee. And, it helps you get there faster! 

Increase your energy
Being a giver, and a supporter of others can be massively draining. I bet you’ve noticed how it feels though when you’ve finished a session with a client you deeply connect with. Not just on a professional level, but at a very human level. When you’re attracting the right people by following the formula, you’re giving yourself choice over who you work with, how you work and when you work, and your energy at the end of the day.

Put you in total control
Imagine finding a beautiful home that you simply had to buy. The only thing is, it’s on the other side of the country. Overwhelmed about starting all over again in a different city? Well, you don’t have to sweat the big decisions when you’ve implemented the formula, that helps you market effectively, and digitally. The asset you’re creating goes wherever you go, giving you choices, and giving you your time back. Say goodbye to overwhelm!

Earn more so you can finally employ that assistant and stop doing all of the things yourself
By attracting and working with your ideal clients, you’ll be charging a higher fee and your calendar will be looking great. Then it’s time to build that team if you want to. Take some pressure off, and while you’re at it, take Friday’s off too. Financial security never felt so awesome. 

Say goodbye to poorly paying programs that require way too much paperwork
Aren’t you sick of not having your rate increased after a decade of working with this type of program or referrer? They suck. You only said yes, because you felt like you had to.  Seeing clients that come from poorly-paying referrers, is keeping the right clients from connecting with you. Soon, you can discard those contracts because you’re an ideal client generating machine.   

Take a vacation without adding up how much it’s going to cost your business
Are you running your business or is it running you? By investing in your marketing system, much of your business can be put on autopilot which makes it far easier to keep the books full. You can go ahead and relax in that hammock. 

Make a massive impact on the lives of your clients
Imagine what it feels like to see your ideal clients most of the time. Where you’re truly one of the best humans to help them and support them to reach their goals and their dreams. The transformations you can provide increase massively when you connect with the right people. It feels great, all-round!

Even though marketing yourself and your business effectively is a total no brainer, the process of finding the right information and implementing what works is anything but.

Does this sound like you?

You didn’t start your business with marketing in mind and to catch up feels incredibly cumbersome and brain-draining

To be fair, you didn’t know that you had to invest in marketing. And now you’re working your butt off seeing anyone and everyone and are sometimes scraping cash together to get the bills paid.

You know you need to fix this, but you wonder how on earth you’re going to find the time to learn and do all the marketing things to change your trajectory.

You need a clear plan that you can easily follow to get the maximum results for the time you have right now. If not now, when? How long are you prepared to stay in your current circumstances?

You don’t think of yourself as a business owner

You’re a wonderful clinician, practitioner or coach, and because you’re good at what you do, you decided to start your own business. Only, you’re still operating as though you have just one role. You don’t, you have dual roles.

You need a clear strategy to follow to upskill yourself to where you need to be to have a thriving practice and to get your time back.

You listen to people who are teaching traditional marketing, not marketing that works well for attracting clients that are located anywhere

When you were just starting out, it was hard to predict the future – what you’d want, where you’d want to be. So you set up in an office somewhere and started to see your clients. Then you had to change states and realized that your local reputation wasn’t going to serve you in your new location.

You need the efforts you make now to pay off, no matter what decisions you make in the future. You need online marketing strategies that go where you go and attract clients wherever they are.

You believe you need to spend a huge amount to get results

You hear your peers saying they dropped $15,000 on a business coach and your eyes grow wide, eyebrows are raised and your jaw drops! Holy moly, how does someone make that happen?

You need a robust yet simple formula to follow plus a community to hear you out and give you the right support and guidance without refinancing your home.

Trying to DIY your business success by combing through virtual piles of information that may or may not work for your practice, has got to be the fastest way to zap up your time and slow down your growth.

The key ingredient to your business success is through following a formula where you know who you’re trying to attract, actually attracting them, and then converting them into to paying clients. With a well-oiled system, you can have your time and life back.

No MBA or marketing degree required.

“All of the tools, skills, and guidance around online presence, branding, niching, and connecting with your ideal client are fantastic!”

Before connecting with Alex and The Practice Activator, I’d been contemplating my move towards personal branding and business. I was unsure about how to leverage my content in the digital world and how to use my website and social media to be found by my ideal clients.

From then until now I’ve been truly propelled into online business and supported 100% every step of the way. All of the tools, skills, and guidance around online presence, branding, niching, and connecting with your ideal client are fantastic! I’ve also got the accountability and motivation to create content that resonates with the right people.

I’ve learned a lot about understanding the metrics that drive the types of clients you want to see and have since connected with 5 private clients and have built a niche online community to share my professional knowledge and experiences with.

The humble guidance of Alex and The Practice Activator and strategic implementation has propelled me ahead in leaps and bounds in my personal business endeavors.

Matt’s background
I grew up playing it safe. I never really pushed my boundaries and found the edge of my comfort zone. Not until my university career. I’d been learning tech and programming most of my young life, and stumbled across my first real experience with exercise and movement in the form of Capoeira – a Brazillian Dance Fighting Martial Art.

My passion for movement play expanded and grew into a deep curiosity of different movement modalities, and I ended up continuing my study into chronic disease and illness as an Exercise Physiologist – servicing people with disease, disability, and injury to get them back to living a life they enjoy through (you guessed it) MOVEMENT. And the great news, is now my ideal clients can find me, and I can be seriously impactful!

Matt Hurley

Director and Exercise Physiologist, Movement Matt

“Having my perfect customer book in for a consult on the same day as I send out a targeted story makes me feel happy and satisfied that the time and effort of working on my own online marketing tasks is so worthwhile”

As a health practitioner, I was used to doing all the admin tasks for my small business. But marketing was not on my list: there were too many taboos and barriers, which I blamed on my professional registration body’s restrictions and of course the age-old excuse: “I haven’t got time”. These beliefs stopped me from taking any online marketing actions to increase my patient numbers.

After I worked through Alex’s program, I realized that not only I could, but I must connect with the right customers for my business and that providing information in a professional and authentic way helps people make better decisions about their health and wellness.

Having my perfect customer book in for a consult on the same day as I send out a targeted story makes me feel happy and satisfied that the time and effort of working on my own online marketing tasks is so worthwhile. I now love spending time serving my customer’s educational needs: posting helpful stories and videos and making it easy to access the amazing info I share at my website and socials.

Alex’s coaching sessions, after the intensive program, saves me so much time and keeps me focused on producing regular and innovative marketing projects and tasks. Each month Alex shares the best ways to make it easier to publish material for my right customers and be able to evaluate the results.

I appreciate the need to work smart for my micro-business; as there is only one person, me, to organize and get the work done. That’s why I really value Alex’s continuous research of cost-effective online resources and strategies that can help health professionals, like me, do the best job to find the right customers.

Denise Stewart

Director and Occupational Therapist, Breast & Shoulder Rehab



Grow a practice you love using my proven digital marketing formula, without second-guessing yourself, wasting your time, or burning yourself out.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from running a solo practice, group practice, online practice, and now completely online business and created The Activated Practice Program.

This unique program:

Teaches you how to easily incorporate digital marketing strategies into your business as usual activities so you can develop a steady stream of not just new clients, but the RIGHT clients. In a way, where if you moved location tomorrow, all of your marketing processes (and your client inquiry generator) go with you. There’s no starting over from scratch.

The Activated Practice program gives you the 3-phase formula to implement, the system that shows you exactly how to take the right steps in the right order so you develop a predictable and more successful practice.

The end result: An integrated digital marketing process giving you full control over your referrals and giving you more financial security and time freedom.

Are you ready to finally start attracting and receiving MORE of the RIGHT clients? Ready to put this process on autopilot? Ready to start charging what you’re worth? Ready to ditch second-guessing your marketing efforts?

Here’s how we’ll get you there.

Starting Monday, September 7th, 2020 every week for eight weeks you’ll gain access to the next carefully formulated module. Here’s what’s in store for you.

For simplicity, your learning and implementation occur in 3 strategic phases

Module 1


  • We’ll start by tapping into why you do what you do and the impact you’re aiming to have with your clients. Deeply knowing your why will give you the grit you need for a successful and predictable practice.
  • We’ll dive into the basics, and you’ll research and identify your niche or way of differentiation making sure it’s viable. You’ll identify where your ideal clients are which is key to the success of your digital marketing strategy. You’ll also know the exact type of person you’d love to spend more time working with as a client.
  • We’ll also cover niching as a fundamental business strategy allowing your marketing to follow you wherever you end up.

Module 2


  • Now it’s time to start resonating with your ideal clients so they clearly understand why you’re the best person to help them.
  • You’ll develop your unique selling proposition, you’ll know what not to do with your copywriting and of course how to write in a way that has an immediate impact upon your potential clients, making them want to get to know you.
  • You’ll learn how to craft video for your website landing pages to increase your conversion rates, with fill-in-the-blank scripts to get you started and give you a major confidence boost!

Module 3


  • Now you know exactly who you’re aiming to attract, and you’re pulling the pieces together to be able to attract them, it’s time to get the word out fast and get predictable results.
  • We’ll start by diving into “why Facebook ads don’t work” and the only Facebook ad strategy that does work for health and wellness service-based businesses.
  • You’ll learn how to put yourself in control of the relationship-building process by building a lucrative email list. You’ll understand why engagement is key.
  • And you’ll learn and implement the first steps of Facebook Ads to set you up for running successful conversion ads in Module 5.

Module 4


  • Before you drive traffic to your website, we’d better make sure it’s awesome!
  • We’ll start with search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals so you’re embedding this long-term strategy into your business properly, starting now!
  • You’ll know exactly what you need to do to rank #1 in Google search results.
  • Then, it’s time to completely revamp your site. Don’t have one just yet? You can relax. You’ll have the knowledge you need to craft an entire site yourself and you’ve got access to me (I’m all over WordPress and WIX). People who aren’t tech-savvy at all have implemented this easily and you can too.
  • You’ll amplify your home page, making sure you’re going after the right keyword.
  • You’ll completely revamp a boring “services” page by turning it into a sophisticated yet simple sales page.
  • You’ll create your opt-in page for list building and finally your thank you page.
  • Follow-yourself templates are provided for instant implementation.

Module 5


  • You’re now ready to create an irresistible offer and meet your potential clients where they are in their decision-making journey. It’s all about pitching correctly.
  • You’ll develop a roadmap of your ideal clients’ buying journey and develop a simple sales process in line with their journey.
  • You’ll understand how and why you need to nurture your future customers and you’ll be able to use psychological triggers to help them make a decision.
  • You’ll then create an amazing and highly valuable offer to attract and bring new prospects into your world.

Module 6


  • Once you’ve attracted the right person, and they’re ready to hear from you, it’s time to nurture and build your relationship with them. 
  • You’ll create your email sequence, so once your future clients have opted in for your irresistible offer they flow further into your sales system and have a much higher chance of becoming a paying client. 
  • You’ll craft your email sequence using 7 email templates and feel reassured that you’re not being “too sales-ey”.   
  • You’ll know how to write the perfect subject line so your email gets read! And you’ll know when to have calls-to-action that are inline with your personal values. 
  • Feel organized by using our template to plan out exactly what content you’re going to write about going forward. Goodbye writer’s block!

Module 7


  • This week is all about your mindset. It’s not just focusing on creating a massively impactful business, but an impactful and quality life.
  • Your life is your looking glass. If it’s not doing too well, your business won’t either. You can’t outperform yourself. The great news is, you can change.
  • Mindset is incredibly significant and when you’ve got yours dialed in, opportunities and choices will open up for you in ways you never imagined. Limiting beliefs be gone!

Module 8


  • Now you’ve implemented a robust digital marketing system following the Formula, it’s time to automate and optimize so you can take your foot off the gas when you feel like it!
  • This is an amazing resource to come back to time and time again as your business progresses.
  • You learn how to increase the performance of your marketing efforts by understanding what data to keep track of with your emails and Facebook ads. You’ll also know the benchmarks your aiming for.
  • You’ll begin thinking ahead and will learn about “the golden thread”, where you’re strategically mapping out how you will serve ‘lifelong clients’.
  • You’ll use our easy one-page marketing plan to keep you hyper-focused on doing the right activities at the right time to fill up your practice predictably with clients you love working with.


  • BONUS 1

9 live group Q&A coaching sessions, led by Alex
Value $2497

  • BONUS 2

Special cohort only, private Facebook group for 10 weeks
Value $497

  • BONUS 3

Pay in full bonus:
Cut the line and get directly on a call with me to get fast help with the marketing and growth of your practice. Book up to three 15-minute calls with me at any time within the next 6 months and supercharge your business.
Value $397

100% satisfaction guaranteed

You have a 14-day money-back guarantee from when the course begins on September 7th. In just 14 days you’ll have proven to yourself that this is worth it. If not, then all you need to do is contact the team and they’ll refund your investment.


Enroll by August 11 @ 11.59 PM for our early bird limited time offer










When does the program begin?

Monday, September 7th, MDT (GMT-7) is when you’ll get access to Module 1. Then you’ll be given access to Module 2 the following week and so on.  

Is this for all health and wellness professionals?

You’ll likely be a practitioner, coach, or clinician, in a practice of one, or perhaps you’re running a small group practice. You’ll be inclined to have part of your practice online and you’re interested in creating different opportunities for your lifestyle and business.

This program is designed based on an identity, rather than a specific profession. I find that diversity is key to uncovering business opportunities.

Why do you teach Facebook ads?

Currently, Facebook ads are the fastest way to grow a lucrative email list. You don’t need to personally use Facebook, but your business likely needs to be using Facebook or Instagram (owned by Facebook) if you want to fast track your results and put your client inquiries on autopilot. If a different tactic surpasses Facebook Ads, then that’s what we’ll teach you.

How much time do you think I’ll need each week to get the most out of the program?

The program is like completing and implementing a mini-MBA. There will be weeks where you’re all over the content and other weeks where you need to deep dive into learning something brand new to you. I recommend blocking out 2-4 hours on your calendar to make sure you’ve got enough time to learn, do the work, and connect with others in the private community.

Can I access everything after the program concludes?

You’ve got lifetime access to all of the modules and lessons.

When you enroll in the August 2020 cohort, you’re also getting free upgrades as well (this signature program is updated regularly). We stay on top of best practices for the marketing of your business so you don’t have to.

What if I can’t attend the 9 live Q&A sessions?

We’ve got you covered. All questions for the Q&A sessions are pre-submitted. All sessions are recorded and uploaded within 48 hours. This means you do not have to be on the live call.

You’ll also have access to your cohorts’ private Facebook group, where you can ask additional questions that pop up.

When are the live Q&A sessions?

They’re scheduled every Tuesday at 3-4 pm mountain time (GMT-6), from the first week of the program (September 7) and they run until the week after the program, so you’ve got an extra week to ask questions.

I know I need to change things but I’m scared. Will this make me even more overwhelmed?

To make our program simple to comprehend and implement, we’ve formulated 3 phases. When you finish phase 1, you’re ready for phase 2, and so on.

Focus on doing each phase well. We’ve also given you lifetime access to the program and future updates (for the August 2020 cohort), to make sure you can do this at your own pace.

I don’t have a niche yet, can I still do the program?

Yes, by the end of Module 1, you’ll understand who you should be attracting and deeply know your reason why. Getting this correct is fundamental to your success and you’ll have time in the Q&A calls and private group to get this right.

Who the Activated Practice Program is for


Does this sound like you? Then you’ll be a perfect fit. You’ve likely been in your business for a while and are taking home a wage. But, things are a bit sporadic for your liking. You’re not yet working with the clients you really want to spend more time with, and you don’t have a predictable flow of clients coming into your world. This is keeping you stuck.

You’ll likely be a practitioner, coach, or clinician, in a practice of one, or perhaps you’re running a small group practice. You’ll be inclined to have part of your practice online and you’re interested in creating different opportunities for your lifestyle and business.

You’ve got big dreams! And you want to pair those with living a quality life, where you’ve got freedom of time (you decide what you’re doing when you’re doing it, and how) and you’re coming from a mindset of abundance, not desperation or scarcity.

Who you’re working with

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m the founder of The Practice Activator. You’ll be working directly with me during the program.

A psychologist by trade, I’ve worked around the globe consulting with major organizations in the areas of organizational growth, change, and leadership. Upon returning to Australia, I started my first company, a solo private practice.

I wasn’t solo for long. Soon I’d grown the business into thriving group psychology practice, which was known throughout the region as the place to go for all workplace issues.

Having created a significant financial opportunity with my business profit, I then founded an additional company, which is now known as The Practice Activator.

In addition to my practice expertise, my board experience has been focused on improving the health and wellness of niche populations.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and forever learning about how I can best help health and wellness practitioners live the life they want and how they can generate more impact.

I call sunny and outdoorsy Colorado (USA) home.

Alex, Founder of The Practice Activator
MBA, PGDip(Psych), BSc

Alex and her businesses have been featured on


Enroll by August 11 @ 11.59 PM for our early bird limited time offer









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