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Alexandra Whitehead

Alexandra Whitehead

Founder & CEO of The Practice Activator

An entrepreneur at heart I have an affection for inspiring others and being a part of your growth. My background is in psychology, performance coaching, product marketing, consulting, and private practice.

I’m the CEO and Founder of The Practice Activator, founder of health-tech SaaS startup Becon Health, founder of Well Propelled, and previous Managing Director of Be Psyched and Board member for the Tropical Brain and Mind Research Institute.

In addition, I’m an Executive/Performance Coach, Registered Psychologist (Australia), & Career Development Practitioner. I have an MBA, Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology, and Bachelor of Science (Psychology). I’m a graduate of the Townsville Enterprise Emerging Leader Program, previously the Treasurer for the Australian Psychological Society North Queensland and Executive of the Allied Health Consortium NQ. I’ve recently completed the DENSUN program in Denver Colorado which is part of the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network and the Office of Economic Development Denver.

My premise in my personal and professional life is to help myself and others to learn, grow and develop, and reach toward meaningful, values-driven goals so that we can be the best version of ourselves, and live fulfilling and impactful lives.

I’ve worked across borders (5 countries) in healthcare, education, emergency services, management consulting, the financial sector, and FMCGs. I previously ran a statewide employee assistance program leading a large team of 100 people servicing 40,000.

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I expected this workshop to reiterate much of the broad-strokes advice I’ve heard from other people in the field as I start my business. I anticipated getting a few valuable bits of information that I would utilize and perhaps feel like the rest was familiar. 

Instead, Alex and Kristen provided a completely new viewpoint about how to build a business that included very specific, very tangible advice. I learned to think critically about how I can create a business that reflects my values, attracts the clients that energize me, and allows me to reach my financial goals. I left feeling more empowered to build my business than I ever have, and I felt like I could do it my own way and be successful, which was extremely important for me. 

I was totally invigorated by the content and how many powerful changes I could make to my approach that would really ensure my success. I wished the seminar was much longer or even multi-part. I also found Alex and Kristen’s energy and approach to be enlivening – it was really exceptional to learn from two very successful, empowered women. I’ll certainly be looking out for more opportunities to learn from them in the future.

Lindsay McCary

LPCC and Director, Blossom Counseling Denver