Not every solo practitioner in private practice needs to see 7 clients back to back. I used to do this, and I don’t anymore.  Thankfully, because that’s exhausting.

Wouldn’t you like to get more freedom in your private practice?

What if you could charge a higher rate because you’re worth the fee?

How about taking a holiday, knowing that your books will be full upon your return?

How about working from anywhere you like?

Would you like to turn your caseload on and off like a tap? Well, you can.  

Some people have found a much better way of working. A way that results in more clarity and allows them to enjoy life. It allows them to spend time with their kids. It allows them to take long weekends away. It allows them to be adventurous in business, to take a chance, because they’re coming from a place of stability. And this, of course, results in growth.

We don’t have to stick to doing what we were told to do. We don’t have to practice in a traditional format. Not anymore.

There are lots of practitioners who are in a business of one. Let’s call them solopreneurs. And if that’s you, it’s important for you to realize something. You’re in full control of where your business is going and your revenue generation.

There’s a giant problem that most practitioners face in this situation though. They forget to run a business.

They’re great at helping clients. But they aren’t so clued in about doing financial projections. Or in devising a plan on how to get what they want for their business.  

Then they get so busy seeing clients, marketing their business becomes an item buried in their Trello board. A few months later their left wondering how to fill those gaps in their calendar. They start to see everyone and anyone. And they’re nowhere near living the life they want.

I’ve been there, and this treading water feeling is horrible. It’s crap for you, and it’s not that great for the clients that get taken on all willy-nilly like. It’s a cycle that needs to come to a halt.

There’s a wonderful solution to this existence. It requires mindset work, learning, and persistence. But you need these traits to be successful in business anyhow. So, let’s put them to use.  

The very first step to breaking free of this cast is to:

Recognize that you were taught to see everyone for everything. And that you were taught zero business skills. So, it’s not all your fault. But there’s a gap here that needs addressing, by you.

And the second step?

You must find a specialty (a ‘niche’). It’s true that you can see almost everyone for almost everything. But should you? Are you really the best person to help that client with their specific problems? You can try. They’ll likely get some decent results. But I’ll put my money on them getting more excellent outcomes with someone who specifically helps certain people solve that specific problem.

Why else is having a specialty, a niche, important? Great question. You can be found. And you can be remembered. And you can charge a decent amount. Let me elaborate.

When I go to a customer’s website for the first time, this is typical of what I see (I’ll use a therapist for this example, but this is a problem across the health and wellness industry):

Hi, I’m a therapist. I see people for PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress, marital issues, communication issues, phobias, and insomnia. I see teenagers, adults and the elderly.

In no way, is this practitioner memorable. They’ve done a great job making the reader feel not special at all. The potential client’s brain interprets this as “blah, blah, not for me” and they are heading for the exit button real fast.

If this therapist was to say:

I’m Jane, and I help clients jump out of bed feeling energized, refreshed and ready for the day. I help them find mental clarity, so they can make the best decisions possible throughout the day. Sleeping issues are my cup of tea and I’m so looking forward to helping you. In fact, I’ve helped over 400 people just like you.

Then they would be memorable. If you had insomnia and was reading Jane’s website, you’d be engaged. You’d be hooked. You’d want to know more. Word would get out about how awesome Jane is at treating sleeping issues. And she’d never had to worry about filling her books again.

And, when that client is investigating what solutions exist for their problems, Jane’s website appears in the first couple of results in Google Search. Jane can be found.  Because she’s not trying to be everything to everyone. Her website is very clear about who is the most right client for her. Not only is she findable, but she’s also memorable and her conversion rates are amazing. Because to the client, Jane feels like she was put on earth just for them.

You can also charge what you’re worth. People who see Jane, love Jane. They know they’re getting the best person and the best treatment. Jane can forget about having to see people through government programs and via insurance.

And the third step.

If you’re the best practitioner for someone but they can’t find you, then it doesn’t mean a whole lot, does it?

This is the learning and education piece. You need to fill this knowledge gap by learning how to install effective digital marketing strategies for your business. This will help you get the right clients at the right time and you’ll be able to see them wherever you like. From your office, while on vacation via video. You’ll be able to move location, and not have to start all over again.

Summary of how to find more freedom in private practice (above)

Setting up these strategies means you can focus on what you do best. Which is, providing your clients with amazing transformation.  

Right now, you’ll likely have to DIY this component. Later, you can decide if you’d like to outsource particular marketing activities. But for now, no one cares more about your business, your life, and your freedom, than you.

Do you want to move yourself and your business onto a more resilient path? Then think about signing up for my mini e-course, the Power Up in 10 Days Practice Challenge. At the time of writing, it’s free, but it won’t be forever.

Alex Whitehead, Founder of The Practice Activator