A lot of us start our health and wellness business with a scarcity-based mindset. We don’t mean to, but this is a familiar story:

Joe* is an amazing nutritionist. Joe studied hard and has dedicated part of her life to learning everything there is to know about nutrition. Joe started her career working for a government agency. Joe, an entrepreneur at heart was appreciative of the steady income a govvy job provides, but she was bored and over having to be confined by policies that were 100 years old. Her boss was also confused over the terms Paleo and Vegan and Joe didn’t want to explain, again. After much deliberation, Joe decided to put it all on the line and she started her own practice. Why not? She is truly excellent at what she does and the clients she’s helped love her.

She became a sole trader, a solo practitioner, and found a place to work from not far from home. She had business cards printed up, and even hired a graphic designer to make up some nutrition brochures.

She went around to her local potential referrers – doctors and the like. They thought she was a pharmaceutical rep and so ignored her for the best part of her appointment slot. She felt alright though, she managed to have a decent conversation with a few people.

Then she returned to her office. She listed her business profile on a couple of websites. She wondered if she should also pay for a YellowPages ad, or if people are simply using those books as giant doorstoppers?

Then, she sat, waiting for the phone to ring. She got a couple of inquiries and a couple of brand-new clients. She charged them well below what she’s worth, although Joe doesn’t realize that just yet.

  • One of the clients was referred by a doctor, and the client doesn’t know why she’s there. The doctor also said that seeing Joe is free. This client will be a one-hit-wonder.
  • The next client is great. Joe really needs to get more of these clients.
  • The following client doesn’t turn up and Joe needs to think about how to have an awkward conversation about her cancelation fee.

Joe thinks to herself that this is harder than she imagined.

At this point, Joe has a couple of choices. She can continue to build relationships in her little geographic area. Most of us do this anyway. She will get referrals this way, but she will not be in control of her referrals. She’ll be at the mercy of the doctors and other referrers and local competition. But this does work for people, particularly those who can stay in the same location for a long time.  

There’s also another option Joe might like to consider. She can choose to become a successful business owner. She can choose to learn how to be in control over the number of inquiries she receives and how many clients she has on her books. She can choose to see them in person or online.

And she can do this by following a formula which allows her to not just get more clients, but get the right clients. And what’s awesome is her strategies are completely digital. This means that Joe can move to the other side of the country and not take a hit to her business.

I’m going to imagine, that if you and I were having a conversation about these two choices, you’d like to pick the second option. But, you’d probably be a bit worried about where to start. But also you can imagine how your life would change if you were in more control.

So let me tell you. The very first place to start is with mindset. It’s all about getting the right clients. Not just any clients. And to get the right client, you’ll need to let go of trying to be everything to everyone. And with that letting go, you’ll have space to focus. When you focus, you’ll become truly excellent and your clients will know it.

Think about the opportunities you’re missing out on by not focusing. Think about all those clients out there, who deserve to see the best person for them – the ‘most right’ person for them. And dare I say, you also deserve to see the people most right for you.  

I’ve been doing this for a while, and I can spot a business owner who’s only interested in making a tonne of money a mile away. It grosses me out a little (I’m cringing as I write this). Perhaps I have high standards, or perhaps I’m simply more informed and had my version of the right mentoring for the last 15 years. We all need to make money, but how about we make the right money because we’re seeing the right clients?

Tell me in the comments below, what’s your biggest worry about focusing? (Quick, before your logical brain takes over).

And, if you’d like to stay the heck away from scarcity-based thinking, come on over and join me in our free, private group.

Alex, Founder of The Practice Activator