Powerful Pricing for Online Practitioners, Coaches, and Healers



Increase Your Income by $10,000 While Remaining Authentic and Values-Driven! 


Powerful Pricing for Online Practitioners, Coaches, and Healers


An On-Demand Workshop Bundle for Online Practitioners, Coaches, and Healers


This is a one-time-only offer. Powerful Pricing for Online Practitioners, Coaches, and Healers can be yours today for just $147! For the price of a pair of shoes, you can increase your income by $10,000! 

Here's what's included:


Inside Powerful Pricing for Online Practitioners, Coaches, and Healers (the main training), you'll:

    • Learn what you need to, to be able to TAKE ACTION in your business so that you can increase your income by $10,000!
    • Discover how to determine your potential clients’ willingness to pay
    • Uncover what happens when you price correctly!
    • Learn how The Five Pricing Principles apply to you and why they are key to your pricing success!
    • Know exactly how to increase your prices
    • Avoid the common mistakes that practitioners, coaches, and healers make with their pricing!


BONUS! Access to the Pricing Calculator for 1:1 online sessions so that you:

    • Can clearly see the impact of any changes you make in your business from a profitability perspective
    • Can get excited about the changes you'll make!


BONUS! Additional On-Demand Training on Premium and VIP Pricing:

    • Uncover how to easily create a wonderful experience for your clients - that blows your competitors away and delivers the value and experience your clients deserve!


BONUS! Extra Support! Get Your Questions Answered:

    • Any questions you have about your pricing models are GUARANTEED to be answered when you ask them in the Month of August 2021 inside of our private Facebook Group: Boosting Online Practice.


And What Else?

    • This is on-demand training - you get access to the training as soon as you enroll!
    • Your guide is Alexandra Whitehead - who's done this all before. She's a Registered Psychologist, Business Coach, Digital Marketer, and 3 x Business Owner and lifelong learner (MBA, PGDip(Psych), BSc(Psych))
    • You get FOREVER access to Powerful Pricing for a Profitable Business, and its updates when it's relaunched later this year for $397. You save money! Click 'Add to Cart' and we'll see you on the inside!



Here's what people say about Alexandra and The Practice Activator:

“Just this one piece of advice has paid for my membership for the entire year!”
- Andrew Dowler, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and Exercise Physiologist, Australia


"Alex helped me see what’s possible. She taught me practical steps and she continues to inspire me all the time."
- Dr. Dorothy Reinagel, Denver, Colorado, USA


"I’ve been working with Alex for six months now. Her assistance has been invaluable!"
- Sue Watson, Mildura, Victoria, Australia


"All of the tools, skills, and guidance around online presence, branding, niching, and connecting with your ideal client are fantastic!"
- Matt Hurley, Queensland, Townsville, Australia