You might love the idea of being an amazing small business owner AND practitioner. 

But, you might also be wondering if you’ve got what it takes to be that person.
To be that practitioner who’s also great at business.
To be that person who can confidently say, I own a private practice, I own a physio practice, I own a dietetics business rather than, simply, I’m a dietitian. 

To be that person, you’ll need to change. There ain’t no way around that. 

Figure out who you need to change into in this video.

So now, back to you. We both know you can change. The very first question, is what do you want? The second question is who do you need to be? And, are you living that right now? Are you taking the actions that will get you there? 

I can help you with that. 

The Activated Practice Program is launching in August. Over 8 weeks, you’ll learn and implement the Formula to become a seriously successful business owner, of a practice you LOVE.

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