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Not sure how to succeed in taking your business online?
Losing income and wasting money trying to do all of the things?

We can help you with that.
Begin your journey towards freedom,
flexibility, and financial independence


A mini course for online practitioners and coaches just starting out

Get ready to take tangible actions to propel your private practice forwards into the digital age, with our mini-course 





Whether you’ve been in the health and wellness / private practice game for decades or you’re a newbie, we all need to be supported to take our businesses to the next level. Particularly when it comes to growing the online part of your business. 

So why online? Having some of what you do available online allows you to keep your costs down and increase your number of potential clients. Gone are the days where you had to have your practice located on a prominent street corner to attract the right customers. Goodbye geographic barriers and hello freedom.

However, there’s a problem isn’t there? 

You were never taught how to be successful in business let alone digital business. Not even an MBA teaches the methods to pursue to make this happen. So we’re changing that.

How we’ll help you?

We believe in growing businesses the right way – both in terms of revenue and satisfaction, and this only comes through connecting with our ideal clients. It also comes with operating from an abundance-based mindset and staying well away from scarcity-based thinking.

Our community will keep you on track, and you even have some fun. This 10 step challenge is designed to give you some powerful knowledge, presented in a way that allows you to take action. Every day for 10 days you’ll receive access to an educational video tutorial (ranging from 2 minutes to 20 minutes) and get implementable homework. You’ll get extra tips via our free and private online community too.

What you’ll learn through the challenge


Digital strategy introduction, SEO 101, and making money with SEO (really, it’s true) 


What niching is, what it isn’t (because so many get this wrong) and why it’s great for your clients


Understand why people don’t buy what you do and how you can connect deeply for better outcomes


How are you going to transform my life?
Deeply connect with your ideal clients


What should you avoid saying in your communications so your potential clients feel the urge to see you?


Connect with your ideal customers and don’t spend thousands on a website. You’ll fix your home page


99% of health and wellness professionals have a sucky About page on their site. We’re gonna fix this!


Owning your authenticity as a way to get yourself out there and grow your business


How to be a lean, keen, and efficient social media machine


Meet people where they are in their buying journey process to increase your success without being gross


Get extra tips regularly from Alexandra Whitehead and converse with people just like you

Hear from our raving fans

You’ll find knowledgeable health and wellness business owners
in our intimate digital community

My name is Annie, and I’m an Aussie living and practicing as an early years communication and feeding therapist in London. I am so glad to have signed up for this course, Alexandra – what a fantastic example of high quality and engaging content!

I’ve finished the 10 days, and am really proud of the adjustments I’ve made and the changes to my thinking that are ticking along already… I’m sharing my before-and-afters from my homework for session 5 (my jazzed USP on my new home page) and 6 + 7 (my landing page design, and about page content) for any feedback you might have! Over the 10 days my own tech-savviness to make cohesive displays of my webpages has come along – how’s that for some therapeutic generalization in my emerging business mind?

I’m excited to start diving into my social media again with more strategy and bravery after a feeble attempt this time last year just as I started my practice, alongside building up my digital funnels. I’d started with Instagram posts linked with Facebook (a grand total of 6…), but to be honest I think YouTube videos discussing early communication and feeding therapy strategies are where I need to be to add value and to make a difference! Thank you for helping me understand this.

Annie Hamilton

Director and Speech Therapist, Baby to Three

I was trying to get my whole personal brand together, and The Practice Activator was a stepping stone into that world and into the world of online practice.

Matt Hurley

Director and Exercise Physiologist, Movement Matt

I expected this workshop to reiterate much of the broad-strokes advice I’ve heard from other people in the field as I start my business. I anticipated getting a few valuable bits of information that I would utilize and perhaps feel like the rest was familiar. 

Instead, Alex and Kristen provided a completely new viewpoint about how to build a business that included very specific, very tangible advice. I learned to think critically about how I can create a business that reflects my values, attracts the clients that energize me, and allows me to reach my financial goals. I left feeling more empowered to build my business than I ever have, and I felt like I could do it my own way and be successful, which was extremely important for me. 

I was totally invigorated by the content and how many powerful changes I could make to my approach that would really ensure my success. I wished the seminar was much longer or even multi-part. I also found Alex and Kristen’s energy and approach to be enlivening – it was really exceptional to learn from two very successful, empowered women. I’ll certainly be looking out for more opportunities to learn from them in the future.

Lindsay McCary

LPCC and Director, Blossom Counseling Denver

Is the mini-course right for me?

Our group will be wonderful for you if you have a sense of humor and some of these traits:

  • You’re a health or wellness practitioner or coach
  • You’re running your own show, in a business of 1, or running a small group practice
  • You’re an action taker. The skills that got you to where you are will not get you to where you want to go. You recognize the need to continually upgrade your mindset and your skills
  • You want to either start your online business or get more serious about it, as well as avoid well-known mistakes
  • You value people who are real and authentic with no bs (we don’t beat around the bush here)

I’ve never been so focused on my potential for delivering telehealth services. I would recommend this program to people especially in a solo or small practice.

Denise Stewart

Director and Occupational Therapist, Breast and Shoulder Rehab

Get your foundations right. Start setting yourself up for success
and grow your confidence one step at a time



“1 in 6 entrepreneurs invests in business coaching to improve their performance. You could pay $20,000 – $100,000 per year for this, or you could learn from your peers and experts in our community”

– Alexandra Whitehead
CEO & Founder, The Practice Activator

Access to the mini course is now open


I'm just starting out in private practice, should I do this?

Yes if you want to avoid making common mistakes. At the very least, join our free and private online community so you have resources on tap.

What if I take 100 days instead of 10 days to complete the Challenge?

It’s all good. Take as long as you need. You can also stay part of our free online community for as long as you want.

I don't think I'm tech savvy, should I be trying to grow an online business?

I think so. I’ve seen people who call themselves ‘computer illiterate’ develop their own website in about a week. All of our training is designed to be action orientated and our community will support you and help you get through any techie stuff. If you’re knowledgeable and can offer your clients real value, you’ll be fine.  

Do I get lots of support in this Challenge?

This is a self-guided course. It does not include support, but I do try to pop into the free online group to answer questions, and I regularly provide extra tips here.

If you find you need extra support, you can consider having a consultation with me or upgrading into The Activated Practice 8-week fully supported program. 

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