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Are you ready to take your online business game to the next level and join a group of diverse professionals who are doing just that? 


No-one gets to where they want to go, without people genuinely supporting them. That’s what you’ll find in The Online Practice Membership community. You’re either new to your online business, or you’ve been growing it for a while. One thing is certain, we all need to be supported to take our businesses to the next level.

The community is a close-knit group of health and wellness professionals who have at least part of their business online. From therapists to dietitians and exercise physiologists.

We believe in growing online businesses the right way – both in terms of revenue and satisfaction (hello freedom!), and this comes through connecting with our ideal clients, people we can provide immense value for.

An excellent way to do this is via robust digital marketing strategies, our area of distinction. It also comes with operating from an abundance-based mindset and staying well away from scarcity-based thinking. This community will keep you on track, and your business (and mortgage) will thank you.

Be supported in your business growth journey by like-minded wellness professionals and experts in digital marketing & online private practice.


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Meet Matt Hurley, a Fabulous Founding Member

From a business perspective, where were you when you first joined the Online Practice Membership and community, and where are you now? 

A couple of months before connecting with Alex and the community I had been contemplating my move towards personal branding and business. From then until now I have been truly propelled into online business and supported 100% every step of the way. I have learned plenty of tools and skills that will see me succeeding as I continue on this journey with the PPA community. I want to be knowledgable enough to step out and successfully convert prospects into paying clients that want to see ME for the work that I do and with the membership that is exactly the direction I am moving. All of the tools, skills, and guidance around online presence, branding, niching, and connecting with your ideal client are fantastic!

What have you found surprising?

The community is a completely diverse group of professionals which surprises me and reminds me that we are all working towards something similar and that makes it more worthwhile: having a community of very different but like-minded professionals.

How is it different from other communities you’re a part of?

The level of presence, resource provision, education, and interaction from the Practice Activator team within the community is second to none. I am yet to find another such supportive community.

What do you think of the Founder, Alex?

Alex is the light guiding the way through the (sometimes) scary cave of online business. With her background, she really has a depth of knowledge that could be put on tap and sold! Jokes aside, Alex is warm, encouraging, insightful, and always supportive of the community. Whether you need hard love or gentle coaxing Alex is on the job.

What would you say to others who are thinking about joining the community?

If you’re thinking about it, take the opportunity to ask lots of questions and you will see straight away the level of knowledge, education, and resources that will become available to you when you join the membership. Do it!

Any other comments?

The team behind the Practice Activator are genuine and enthusiastic people helping people help people. They are my kind of people.



“1 in 6 entrepreneurs invests in business coaching to improve their performance. You could pay $20,000 – $100,000 per year for this, or you could learn from your peers and experts in our community”

– Alexandra Whitehead
CEO & Founder, The Practice Activator

Our intimate membership and community is made up of health and wellness practitioners and coaches who are serious about the growth of their online business. Why not meet some of them:

Denise Stewart - Occupational Therapist, Director of Breast and Shoulder Rehab

Denise is recognized as a forward thinking leader in breast cancer rehabilitation in Australia and beyond. Empowering breast cancer survivors to achieve their best self through managing unwanted side effects from surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.

Drew Dowler – Exercise Physiologist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Director Movement EP

Drew does things differently. He doesn’t subscribe to a specific system or style of exercise, but rather use what works best for his clients, guided by the principle of Human Movement, Sports Science and Chinese Medicine. Craft your Personal Practice, Recharge your Energy, and move Pain Free.

Helen Sheeran – Mental Health Social Worker, Psychotherapist, CEO Realising Possibilities

Helen is exceeding expectations one client at a time. Whether you’ve experienced trauma, are struggling with anxiety & stress, or major loss, with Helen’s support you can expect empathy, understanding and opportunity to develop new ways of thinking and change unhelpful behaviour patterns.

Jane Whitbread – Dietitian, Founder Dietitians Adelaide & Blue Lime Nutrition

Jane loves sharing her passion, food knowledge and using scientific methodology, to help clients personalize their own food choices for better health and wellbeing. When a plant-based diet is your choice, Jane guides you to reach your optimum health. 

Liz Fulop – Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Owner Challenge Fitness

There’s so much BS in the fitness industry, it’s Liz’s mission to cut through the crap and help you find the best version of yourself. By taking a balanced approach to Movement, Mindset, & Nutrition, you can live your best life without starving yourself or grinding your body into the ground.

Kiah Paetz – Dietitian, Owner Plant Based Nutrition

Kiah’s passionate about prevention and management of chronic disease. She emphasizes the philosophy to ‘eat more plants’ due to the strong link between diet and many lifestyle diseases. Kiah provides personalised and practical advice that is simple, easy to follow and provide lifelong results.

Louise Elvin-Walsh – Dietitian, Nutritionist, Founder Adept Nutrition Care

Louise is passionate about supporting clients, particularly middle-aged women, who are going through the process of bariatric surgery. Her deep understanding of her clients needs both pre and post-surgery means they feel truly supported every step of the way.

Matt Hurley – Exercise Physiologist, Founder of Movement Matt

Movement Matt was born of the passion and enthusiasm for sharing movement with other people. He provides a safe environment to learn and explore, grow and recover from what may have once seemed a means to an end. His focus is on building habits that create positive change.

I’ve never been so focused on my potential for delivering telehealth services. I would recommend this program to people especially in a solo or small practice,

Denise Stewart

Director and Occupational Therapist, Breast and Shoulder Rehab

You’ll find the confidence you need to thrive and the knowledge you need to scale your online biz

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Who you’re working with

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m the founder of The Practice Activator. You’ll be working directly with me during the program.

A psychologist by trade, I’ve worked around the globe consulting with major organizations in the areas of organizational growth, change, and leadership. Upon returning to Australia, I started my first company, a solo private practice.

I wasn’t solo for long. Soon I’d grown the business into thriving group psychology practice, which was known throughout the region as the place to go for all workplace issues.

Having created a significant financial opportunity with my business profit, I then founded an additional company, which is now known as The Practice Activator.

In addition to my practice expertise, my board experience has been focused on improving the health and wellness of niche populations.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and forever learning about how I can best help health and wellness practitioners live the life they want and how they can generate more impact.

I call sunny and outdoorsy Colorado (USA) home.

Alex, Founder of The Practice Activator
MBA, PGDip(Psych), BSc


I'm just starting out in my online practice, should I join?

This is a high-level membership, but you’re not expected to already know everything 🙂

You are welcome to join if you’re a) serious about growing the online part of your business b) You already have an online business or c) You’ve completed our big course.

We have a recommended learning pathway set up inside the membership library to help you as you move through 20+ lessons and trainings. You’ve also got access to the private online community group for a heap of support. 

Do payments automatically renew?

Yes. All memberships renew automatically on the anniversary of your purchase.

Can I cancel?

Yes. Monthly membership subscriptions can be canceled at any time. If you cancel a monthly membership you’ll see out the rest of that billing period and your membership won’t be renewed for the following month and you won’t be charged going forward.

Annual membership subscriptions won’t be refunded and they must be canceled before their renewal date. You will continue to get membership access until the end of your billing cycle.

If you need any help, just contact the admin team on

What if I don't like Facebook?

All of our main trainings are recorded and are accessed via the member portal on this website. This includes the Monthly Training, Monthly Q&A, and the Ask Me Anything sessions. Our private community group is through Facebook and this is the only way to ask the group informal questions.

Because our members are in the business of growing their online businesses, they need to be where their ideal clients/patients/customers are. At this time, for most of us, that’s on Facebook. Which is why our private group is also accessed via Facebook. As a general rule, if you want to have a profitable online private practice, your business really does need to be on social media, and this includes Facebook. You personally don’t need to use Facebook, except for our group of course! 

In our online community, you’ll also find informal education and knowledge sharing on all things online private practice. This is also that place you’ll go to, to ask questions to the community and to gain advice and feedback. 


What if I can't be available for the live trainings?

It’s all good. Our trainings are designed to be watched as a recording because we have people in all different timezones. Trainings are up in the member’s portal within 48 hours. 

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