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Already know you want our help to grow your online practice and to fill it up with cash-pay clients?!

We are waiting to help you grow your online practice so that you can:


1) Serve great-fitting clients
2) Make more money and actually retire one day, and
3) Get back 17 hours of your time each week!

Please tell us about your business and book a free consultation here:

If you’re having trouble finding availability email us at hello@thepracticeactivator.com

Is this gonna be a hard core sales call?

Nope! We teach therapists how to grow their online practices by filling them up with an unlimited supply of clients who can easily afford your private rate.

We do this ethically and in alignment with who you – and we are. So it makes sense that this call mimics what we’re all about:


  • When you join us for this free consult, we’ll identify and discuss the next step you need to take in your business to get what it is you want. We’re also looking to see if you embody the qualities similar to our successful students
  • This call is zero-obligation. The purpose is to define your goals and answer your questions to see if our resources are an excellent fit for you. If not, no worries!
  • If we believe you could be an excellent fit for our program, Activate Your Online Practice – we will say so – and with your permission only – we’ll tell you more about it 🙂 By the end of the call you’ll have a clear Yes or No answer and we’re looking forward to helping you choose!


So there you have it – you’ve got nothing to lose! What happens if you join us on a call and transform your business and life?

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