By Alex Whitehead

Let me ease your fears about niching

You’re not going to lose business as a result of homing in on your niche area – the area you truly want to work in, feel uplifted and energized by. You are doing yourself a disservice by seeing simply anybody that walks in through your “door” whether that’s a physical door or virtual door. Change the way you feel at the end of the day by niching down. But how does one find their niche area?

First of all, let me be clear that a niche area online is different to a niche area in an in-person setting, where you are relying on your physical location to help attract your patients/clients. In an online setting, you have to ‘super niche’.

Examples of niches for health and wellness professionals

For a psychologist, a super niche could be “anxiety for teenagers who are having a hard time at school”, not simply “anxiety for teens” or worse – just “anxiety”. The problem with this is you’re not findable online. Hundreds of thousands of results will come up in a Google search. Let me continue – For a physiotherapist, it’s “muscle recovery for dancers” not “injury prevention”, and For dietitians, it’s “nutritious meal plans for vegans who want to increase their strength”.

You get the idea I’m sure, but you might be wondering if there is enough ‘market’ to grow a viable business within your super niche?

The short answer is – yes there is. But you have to put in some yards – just like you would in a usual business setting. Because you’re not paying gigantic rent you have some time to actually do this! You can’t rely on just your local area to support your super niche. You have to reach audiences far and wide. But, did you know that someone has to connect with you, somehow, 18 times (yes 18!) before they have the urge to book in with you? So just a couple of Facebook posts ain’t going to cut it.

Using video to build rapport

You need to be a dedicated warrior and some of you will have to overcome the fear of video. Why video? Because video resonates easily with your ideal audience. You also need to blog, but ideally, you can turn whatever you write about into a video as well, and get the most out of re-purposing your content. This makes things more efficient. The good news is, once you’ve really identified your super niche, you will know exactly what you are vlogging about. And because you’re an expert in that area, the words will come far more easily. Check out our 5-day training (just $37 on this page) where we cover niching and how to identify your first niching strategy.