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I'm just starting out in private practice, is this all for me?

Yes, this is a great place to start if you want to avoid making common mistakes and to really set you up with the knowledge you need. If you haven’t done so yet, I highly recommend you complete ‘Power up in 10-days’, which is our free 10-day challenge.

After that, and once you have a bit more experience in private practice, head to the ultimate private practice course, our e-course.

Once you’ve completed this e-course, you can consider joining the Private Practice Activators. With this membership, you can work your way through even more recorded trainings and receive monthly training and coaching. It’s affordable, and most of us need this type of support throughout our careers. If you start your career off with the right business mindset, I reckon your life will be exciting. 

I don't think I'm tech savvy, should I be trying to grow an online business?

I think so. I’ve seen people who call themselves ‘computer illiterate’ develop their own website in about a week. All of our training is designed to be action orientated and our community will support you and help you get through any techie stuff. If you’re knowledgeable about your field, and can offer your clients real value, you’ll be fine.

I'm a seasoned private practice business owner, is this for me?

Yes. So long as you’re ready to soak up new information and take your business into the digital age.

We’re all about refocusing, and getting people to connect with clients they really want to support. Rather than reaching every person in the world and hoping they turn into a customer. 

The Activated Practice Signature Program

When is the next program?

The Activated Practice Program has just opened for enrollment. This will be the last program for 2020, so get in now. 

While enrollment is open, you can access all of the details, including additional FAQs right here.


Membership to the Private Practice Activators

Do subscription payments automatically renew?

Yes. Monthly, 6-monthly and annual memberships renew automatically on the anniversary of your purchase.

Can I cancel?

Yes. Monthly membership can be cancelled at any time. If you cancel a monthly membership you’ll see out the rest of that billing period and your membership won’t be renewed for the following month and you won’t be charged going forward. 

6-month memberships and annual memberships won’t be refunded and they must be cancelled before their renewal date. You will continue to get membership access until the end of your billing cycle. 

If you need any help, contact the admin team. 

What if I can't be available for the live trainings?

It’s all good. Our trainings are recorded and are typically up on the members’ portal the day after. You won’t miss out. 

Are the people in the Membership cool?

Yes. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that. But, you can take a look at some of our featured members. Most members are health and wellness business owners who really care about their work, and their clients. Others are experts in different professions, that I bring in to help our members. 

Power Up in 10-Days Challenge

This is free, right?

Yes, the 10-Day Challenge is free. Enjoy.

Is there a catch?

No. Catches are gross. We don’t believe in them. 

What you’ll find here is some quality information, presented in an easy to digest format. 

Every now and then we’ll let you know about our paid services. These are aimed at our ideal clients who love what we do. 

What if I don't like Facebook?

The Challenge is accessed via a portal on this website. You can complete without accessing Facebook. However, you’ll be missing out on so much goodness if you’re not participating in our private, free, closed Facebook group. 

Here you’ll find regularly posted tips on all things private practice. This is also that place you’ll go to, to ask questions to the community and to gain advice and feedback.

What if I take 100 days instead of 10 days to complete the Challenge?

It’s all good. Take as long as you need. You can also stay part of our free online community for as long as you want.

Do I get lots of support in this free Challenge?

The free Power Up in 10 Days Challenge is a self-guided course. It does not include support, but I do try to pop in to the free online group to answer questions, and I regularly provide extra tips here.

If you find you need extra support, you can consider having a consultation with me.


I'm all signed up. How do I access the training, education and memberships?

Head on over to My Profile (rather than My Account) and you’ll see the trainings you have access to. You’ll need to be logged in. 

If you don’t see your trainings and memberships here, please email us and we’ll get it fixed up asap. 

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