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The ultimate resource for online practitioners and coaches


Occurring every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday of every month, beginning Jan 2021. Get advice and support right when you need it.


Access the four-week foundational course on attracting and getting your first high-paying online clients. Coming end of Jan 2021.

Website design for private practice


Got a steady stream of online high-paying clients? You’re ready to scale and refine. Access the Training Library with over 30+ lessons.

Unique selling proposition for private practice


Share your wins here! Get peer support In between our Group Calls.

Welcome to the Online Practice Membership 

Attracting online, high-paying clients is one of the most freeing strategies you can implement in your business.

But no-one gets to where they want to go alone. Because you only know what you know. And if you rely on just the knowledge you currently have, it’s very difficult to progress. But I know you get this, which is why you’re a part of the Membership!

This Membership is all about helping you build a thriving online practice and harnessing an amazing life at the same time. When you step outside of your comfort zone with our support, you’ll feel more secure because this gives you more freedom to decide your future. Now all you have to do is follow the process. 

Access the Online Practice Activators Membership community

This is a great place to share your wins and be inspired by the wins of others!

In between our weekly Group Calls, our private online community serves as a destination to receive support from your peers and to provide support to your peers. Everyone is in a different stage when it comes to their online business. Learning how others’ are succeeding is incredibly motivating and it also helps you to fine-tune your own business goals.

PS. You’ll need to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on at least one post in the group on a weekly basis.  The way the Facebook algorithm works is that if you don’t ‘engage’ regularly, it won’t show you the content – it will disappear from your feed.



Access the Training Library

Once you’ve got a steady stream of online, high-paying clients, you’re ready to scale your business, automate as much as humanly possible and refine your offering, or even innovate more. Access 20+ lessons to help you do this and utilize the Group Calls to get your new implementations correct.

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Group coaching sessions

As of January 2021, Group Coaching Q&A Calls occur three times per month, on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesdays at 3 pm Mountain Time (Denver).
You will have been sent calendar invitations to all of these scheduled calls, which contain the Zoom video link (if you haven’t please let us know).

You can confirm your local time using

Pop your questions for the group coaching call in the comments section of the relevant post in the Community Facebook Group. These questions will be answered first, and if there’s time left over, we will open it up to the people who’ve managed to make it on for the live call.
If there are no questions posted, the call will be canceled.

All group coaching calls are recorded, so don’t stress if you can’t attend live – we’ll make sure you have access to the call recordings right here in the Portal so you can get all the info you need.

If you have a business problem or questions in between coaching, don’t wait – post it in the private community to get peer support.


Ask Me Anything Training

Ask Alex Anything sessions are bite-sized pieces of training content. They’ve now been replaced by additional Group Calls, however, you can still watch relevant recordings in the Training Library.



Want more intense support from Alex?

Because you’re a Member, you’ll receive $500 off per month when you enroll in a 1:1 Coaching Program with Alex.

  • The 1:1 Coaching Program Package includes weekly coaching sessions for three months
  • Weekly email support
  • 1 x business emergency calls per month
  • Review of all marketing documents such as email sequences, ad copy, squeeze page, and sales page copy
  • Optional but recommended and included: Psychometric assessment to fast track your personal development

Use code “TPAMemberCoaching” at the checkout to save $1500 over three months.



We’ll help you to powerfully grow the online part of your biz. This happens by attracting the right clients via an online marketing Formula that simply works. Join us and receive accurate education, easy to implement strategy, and meet a vibrant community of peers who’ll become your biggest supporters.

Get your freedom back, experience more confidence than you thought possible, and have some fun in your private practice journey.