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The ultimate private practice community







The Private Practice Activators’ membership is made up of community and education.

Learning what you need to know is obviously key to the growth of your online business. But, you also need the right people around you to lift you up, be your cheerleaders, and help you when you start to implement your new knowledge.

If you notice that you’re delaying action for some reason (it could be a mindset thing, it could be that your feeling unsure – and hence not wanting to waste your cash or time), then you need to reach out. You need to pop your questions in this community so you can take the next step forward, towards the life and the business you want. We also want to share your wins on this journey. 


Access your private online community:



This is the place to gain advice and feedback and to get connected to those traveling a similar path to yourself. The main focus is orientated towards your online practice and everything it takes to attract new online clients. The reality is though, everything you learn can be applied to your bricks and mortar business as well.

Please try and contribute to other members’ questions. We’re trying to create a robust, and powerful community where everyone feels and knows that we have their back 100%.

It’s a great idea to take a look at posts and events once per week so you don’t miss out on new information. The way the Facebook algorithm works is if you don’t ‘engage’ (like, comment, watch a video) regularly, it won’t show you the content. **Note – this is the same for your own Facebook audience, which you’ll soon learn all about**


Group coaching sessions


Coaching happens formally once per month. You can see scheduled sessions in the private community on the events tab. 

Post your questions for the group coaching call, in the discussion section of the event. These questions will be answered first, and if there’s time left over, we will open it up to the people who’ve managed to make it on for the live call. 

Coaching calls are recorded, so if you can’t attend in real-time, you can catch up the following day. It’s all good.

If you have a business problem or questions in between coaching, don’t wait – post it in the private community.


Q&A sessions


Q&A (Ask Alex Anything) sessions occur formally once per month. They are a new addition and started in January 2020. You can see scheduled sessions in the private community on the events tab.

To have your questions answered, they must be posted in the discussion section of the event. Trust me, I think out loud, and you will be much happier if I’ve already looked at your question and done my little process prior to hearing from me!

To do this, go to the events tab, click on the relevant event, then scroll down to where it says ‘write post’. Voila!

We do random Facebook lives as well, where you’re free to ask questions.

Access recordings of Ask Alex Anything sessions.


We’ll help you to powerfully grow the online part of your biz. This happens by attracting the right clients via an online marketing Formula that simply works. Join us and receive accurate education, easy to implement strategy, and meet a vibrant community of peers who’ll become your biggest supporters.

Get your freedom back, experience more confidence than you thought possible, and have some fun in your private practice journey.