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Build your online private practice


Build and grow your online practice, have a bigger impact and
reach financial abundance


Get helpful advice and support from your peers right when you need it! 


Access Activate Your Online Practice, forever. Continue to come back as you hit key milestones in your biz.

Website design for private practice


Ready to dive into paid advertising and get results faster? Binge watch this training now!

Unique selling proposition for private practice


Once you have a rock-solid niche you’re ready for SEO!

Welcome to Activate Your Online Practice. 

Attracting online, (mostly) self-pay clients is one of the most freeing strategies you can implement in your business.

But no-one gets to where they want to go alone. Because you only know what you know. And if you rely on just the knowledge you currently have, it’s very difficult to progress. But I know you get this, which is why you’ve signed up to do this program!

Thank you for choosing us and me to support you on your journey. As your work through this program, I warmly encourage you to get involved and post your questions in the exclusive private group so you can get advice and support. This is your time to make things happen!

Now all you have to do is follow the process. Step-by-step.

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Access The Exclusive Private Group 

This is a great place to ask all of your questions as you work through this program. It will also be your go-to place to get feedback on your homework activities. Feel free to share your wins and be inspired by the wins of others!

The community serves as a destination to receive support from your peers and to provide support to your peers. Everyone is in a different stage when it comes to their online business. Learning how others’ are succeeding is incredibly motivating and it also helps you to fine-tune your own business goals.

PS. You’ll need to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on at least one post in the group on a weekly basis.  The way the Facebook algorithm works is that if you don’t ‘engage’ regularly, it won’t show you the content – it will disappear from your feed.

Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/activatemembers 




Access Bonus Facebook Ads training 

Once you’re feeling confident that your funnel works (because you tested it using organic traffic), you’re ready for ads so you can get results faster and with far less sweat equity. 




Ready to go faster with our done-for-you services? This is application only, and we encourage you to apply below.  


This is a high-level program that’s an investment of $10,000 that includes all of this, plus more:

  • 6 Months of 1:1 Coaching Every Other Week with Alex Whitehead
  • 6 Months of Additional Support Via Voxer and Your Own Private Slack Channel
  • 6 Months of Personalized Feedback on Your Work
  • 6 Months Access to Activate Next Level Library With Advanced Business Training
  • Done For You Video Editing Services for Sales Page + 45 second FB and IG Video Ads
  • Done For You Funnel Building Services (Front End and Back End)
  • Done For You Assistant Services such as Sales Email Automations and Lead Magnet Design
  • Done For Your Landing Page Design and Set-Up
  • Weekly email support
  • Review of all marketing documents such as email sequences, ad copy, squeeze page, and sales page copy
  • BONUS! Optional but recommended and included: Psychometric assessment to fast track your personal development






We help therapists to build up their self-pay online practice so they can serve the right people, and get back 17 hours of their time each week!

This is 100% doable when you follow our step-by-step proven process.

Find joy, freedom, and financial success through backing yourself, saying ‘no’ to unprofitable business practices and choose to serve deeply by connecting with and impacting people who are weirdly “universally aligned”.