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Build your online private practice


Create a business you love and earn the money you’re here to make. 


When you call in clients you love working with, and who can easily invest in you – making money and having impact feels effortless. This is the one of the most freeing strategies you can implement in your business.

But no-one gets to where they want to go alone. Because you only know what you know. And if you rely on just the knowledge you currently have, you simply get what you’ve already got. But I know you get this, which is why you’ve signed up to do this program.

Thank you for choosing us and me to support you on your journey. As your progress through this program, I warmly encourage you to get involved and post your questions in the exclusive private group so you can get advice and support. You know you’re meant for something more, let’s do this. 

Now all you have to do is follow the process, say Yes to your intuition, and ask for support. 

PS. Do not watch all the videos unless that’s your version of fun 😉 Start at the very beginning of your Roadmap Document – and follow it.

It has recommended resources, such as the trainings found here. Depending on what you want for your business, will inform your next steps and what knowledge gaps you need to fill in so that you can take aligned actions. 

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We help therapists and coaches to create an online/hybrid business they love, so that they can earn the money they’re here to make and get back 17 hours of their time each week.

This is 100% doable when you follow our step-by-step proven process.

Find joy, freedom, and financial success through backing yourself, saying ‘no’ to unprofitable business practices and choose to serve deeply by connecting with and impacting people who are weirdly “universally aligned”.