Are you turning off potential clients because of your business name? This is the number one item that online health and wellness practitioners get wrong from the get-go.

Think about this. My group psychology practice was called be psyched and it was called that strategically. So who do you think was attracted? Versus repelled, based just on the name?

So it was called be psyched not be depressed. So without even knowing more about that business and the company, you can start to figure out who our ideal clients were likely to be, as well as our general niche area.

So you might be thinking, or you might have just realized that your business name sucks. Maybe just a little. In that, it does nothing for you.

So it doesn’t attract the people that you actually want to bring into your life and assist. And it also doesn’t repel people that you actually don’t serve.

So the problem with this is, is that it’s usually best to work with people that you can support in a tremendous way. And if you could only support someone averagely well, then they should probably see a practitioner who’s better suited to them. So if you have a sucky business name that’s not helping you, there is good news.

Here are three steps that you can action right now to alleviate this problem. 

Step 1. Create just one landing page on your website that only talks to your ideal clients and your niche area.

Now make sure that your new page has a URL that reflects that area. So, for example, say you’re a dietitian and your niche is working with people who are becoming vegan and who also want to lose weight.

Then your URL would be your main web address. Forward slash vegan weight loss. Now, the naming structure will also help you a little bit with your SEO, your find-ability on the search engines.

Step 2. Drive specific traffic to that page. So, in other words, you need your ideal clients to visit that page so that they have an opportunity to book in with you.

You know, that way you have a decent business, a decent, healthy business. So, for example, say you’re using Google AdWords as a way to drive traffic to that specific page.

You would create an ad that is highly relevant, to your particular niche and that very specific client that you’re trying to attract. So your ad needs to perfectly line up with your landing page.

Step 3. Repeat the process. Specifically for other niche areas that you might happen to work in. So now you overcome your sucky business name because your ideal clients are going to landing pages that were made just for them. So from their perspective, you’re definitely the right person to help them because you’ve communicated effectively.

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This ain’t rocket science, you’ve just got to follow the process.