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The Practice Activator is headed up by entrepreneur and CEO Alexandra Whitehead and we know that going digital is the way of the future for your private practice. You don’t have to be totally online. But part of your business needs to be so you’re successful in the coming years. It’s about removing geographic barriers, and not having to rely simply on where you’re located to drive great referrals and stellar clients.


There’s a big problem though. You were never taught how to incorporate a digital strategy into your practice. In fact, there weren’t even any business subjects included in your formal education. You’re probably actioning a bunch of marketing related items, because you’ve been told you should. Without guidance and truly knowing what works is an amazing way to throw your cash and time away.

Efficient and correct process

We can help you. Let’s create efficient (mostly digital) processes so you can grow your private practice and sleep at night knowing you’ve got the revenue you need. Feel confident because you know what you’re investing in (either your own time or money) is correct and will yield results. That is, more clients and more revenue – two things that are kinda important in business huh?

“It’s our job to help you achieve the business and life goals you’re aiming for. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to be successful in online private practice. We’ll also surround you with an intimate community of amazing people. This is just what you need to thrive.”

– Alexandra Whitehead, CEO

I recently attended the Success in Private Practice Workshop hosted by Alexandra Whitehead of The Practice Activator and Kristen Jackson of ReCenter. These ladies are spot-on when it comes to supporting private practitioners in the mental health space. In addition to being warm, approachable, and nurturing women, they are knowledgeable experts in the area of business development in the private practice sector.

The Success in Private Practice workshop content was directly related to my psychology private practice including strategies and wisdom that will help me grow and support my business. This includes making sure I am attracting the right clients, to marketing my services, to how to manage the everyday challenges such as appointment reminders and no-shows. 

Strategies were down-to-earth and practical. Unlike some of the more generic resources out there, this workshop content felt like it was designed for me and addressed issues specifically related to my behavior health practice. Alex and Kristen are truly changing the way we practice mental health by supporting the practitioners, which in turn supports the clients and consumers. Their workshop was well worth my time and highly recommended. I would attend other programs of theirs in the future. 

Jennifer Medina

Owner, Rocky Mountain Neurobehavioral Associates and Brain Space

The Practice Activator

Our knowledgeable team and friends

Alexandra Whitehead

Alexandra Whitehead

Founder & CEO

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I have an affection for inspiring others and being a part of your growth. With a background in psychology, performance coaching, consulting and private practice, I get enormous satisfaction by breaking up huge goals into very actionable steps. This way you know you’re getting accurate information, put forward in a way that’s totally actionable and beneficial. 

I spend most of my time in Boulder Colorado but I’m a born and bred Australian. My aim is to have a 100% remote role one day, so I can have freedom over where I live. Right now though, I continue to purchase Lonely Planet books for inspiration.


Donald McPhail

Donald McPhail

Founder & Engineer

I’m both an engineer and innovator and get much satisfaction by implementing strategies that are ethical and effective. I help by offering providing advice on business strategy and people performance.  

You’ll find me in Boulder, Colorado, having fun in the snow and spending quality time with my little family. 


Gerard Doyle

Gerard Doyle

Fractal Marketing

I help people realize their potential and support them on their business journey. I do this through marketing strategy, audience identification, SEO, SEM and growth hacking. I love working with private practice people, because you have a higher purpose in mind which is truly heart warming. I’m what people call a veteran of digital marketing having spent time working for Coca Cola, Burberry and Microsoft.

I hail from Brisbane, Australia (think half way up on the east coast, beaches and sunshine).

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