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  • Abundance and prosperity are right at your fingertips. When you plug your intuition into a proven process – you are unstoppable. This is where we come in. 
  • Your ability to market your business, determines how easily you call in clients and make the money you want.
  • However, some therapists and coaches make a big mistake right out of the gate – you’re marketing HOW you do things. Only how you help people is secondary. If you start talking about “how” i.e. via worksheets, 1:1 sessions, hypnosis, past life regressions, neurofeedback and CBT – you’ve lost clients who wanted to invest with you, at your full rates. And here’s why – every therapist and healer offers these things. This is not your MAGIC. It’s simply part of how you deliver your magic.
  • The first step in marketing your business in a way that calls in clients you like – effortlessly, is uncovering your MAGIC. Your special sauce. 
  • We’ll help you turn up as your whole self, and call in clients who light you soul on fire, so you can earn the money you’re here to make. 

About Alexandra (Alex) Whitehead

Alexandra Whitehead

Alexandra Whitehead

Founder & CEO | MBA, PGDip(Psych), BSc, Registered Psychologist (AUS), Intuitive

I’m the CEO of The Practice Activator™ and I help therapists and coaches to create a business they love, and turn up as their whole magnetic self. When you embody who you really are, and then speak directly to the people who value you more – your income will explode. This is exactly what I help with.

Based out of Boulder, CO I’m a psychologist by trade turned business owner x3 – a solo practice, group practice, and telehealth business. Now, I work as a business consultant, strategist and intuitive with therapists and coaches to have at least a six-figure online/hybrid business – without adding more sessions to your schedule.

I’ve coached over 1000 people just like you, and have a proven step-by-step process for you to follow so you can achieve your ambitious goals while working fewer hours and having an abundance of time. When you plug your intuition into something that works, you’re unstoppable. Your ability to market your business determines how easily you make money.

I recently attended the Success in Private Practice Workshop hosted by Alexandra Whitehead of The Practice Activator and Kristen Jackson of ReCenter. These ladies are spot-on when it comes to supporting private practitioners in the mental health space. In addition to being warm, approachable, and nurturing women, they are knowledgeable experts in the area of business development in the private practice sector.

The Success in Private Practice workshop content was directly related to my psychology private practice including strategies and wisdom that will help me grow and support my business. This includes making sure I am attracting the right clients, to marketing my services, to how to manage the everyday challenges such as appointment reminders and no-shows. 

Strategies were down-to-earth and practical. Unlike some of the more generic resources out there, this workshop content felt like it was designed for me and addressed issues specifically related to my behavior health practice. Alex and Kristen are truly changing the way we practice mental health by supporting the practitioners, which in turn supports the clients and consumers. Their workshop was well worth my time and highly recommended. I would attend other programs of theirs in the future. 

Jennifer Medina

Owner, Rocky Mountain Neurobehavioral Associates and Brain Space

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