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You will become a seriously successful business owner, of a practice you love

We help health and wellness practitioners become incredibly successful in the online part of their business. You’ll learn how to build and scale your online practice powerfully using the formula that works. 

It’s time to say bye-bye to those feelings of exhaustion, and worrying thoughts about whether you’re good enough for this. You are. You’ve probably even proven this in the bricks and mortar part of your biz. We’ll help you focus your efforts and your energy and provide you with a clear formula to implement. 

Are you struggling in getting your business to a level that provides you, the business owner with freedom and flexibility? Are you still burning the midnight oil? Are you watching your partner play with your kids, wishing you were able to do that too?

Well worry no more. Our easy to understand and interactive online group programs are run by specialists in digital marketing and private practice, teaching you how to drive the right referrals and confidently connect with your ideal clients.

And your strengthening and business building doesn’t need to stop there. Continue growing in our online community of wonderful peers who’ll become your biggest champions. You’ll find the connection you need to thrive and have laughs along the way. There’s no reason to do this all alone. 

Now’s the time to find freedom, flexibility and financial security


Are you ready to take your
online private practice to the
next level?


We can help you. Here’s how:


Power Up in 10 Days Challenge

An affordable foundational level mini-training to give your online biz a big boost

(Free) Private Group

Join a supportive group of health and wellness practitioners who have at least part of their biz online

The Activated Practice Signature Program

Ready to build and scale the online part of your biz? This is the EXACT program you need. Get ready to earn (lots) more, get your time back and grow a predictable and profitable biz

The Practice Activators Membership

A high-level membership to advance your online business. You’ll get the connection you need to thrive, monthly training, monthly group coaching and monthly Q&As. Basically, you’ll get the right support at the right time and you’ll never feel stuck again

Private Practice Business Coaching

Need one on one support outside of the giant course and membership? We’ve been there and done. Get extra help with personalized business coaching

Join our free group Boosting Private Practice

Engaging presenter with extensive expertise in growing a practice

“Alex’s workshop was filled with relevant guidance to support a clinician in private practice.  She’s able to quickly share action steps that can lead to immediate impact in a practice.  Alex is a skilled and engaging presenter with extensive expertise in growing a practice.  Her workshop was well worth every minute.” 

– Stephanie Onan, LCSW

Success Stories

Denise is recognized as a forward-thinking leader in breast cancer rehabilitation. Empowering breast cancer survivors to achieve their best selves through managing unwanted side effects from surgery, chemo, and radiotherapy. “I’ve never been so focused on my potential for delivering services via video. I highly recommend The Practice Activator especially to those in a solo or small private practice.”
Denise Stewart

Director and Occupational Therapist, Breast and Shoulder Rehab

Movement Matt was born of the passion and enthusiasm for sharing movement with other people. To provide a safe environment to learn and explore, grow and recover from what may have once seemed a means to an end. “I was trying to build a personal brand for my new business and The Practice Activator provided me with a giant leap forward into achieving that goal. Can’t recommend the team enough!”
Matthew Hurley

Director and Exercise Physiologist, Movement Matt

Drew does things differently. He doesn’t subscribe to a specific system or style of exercise, but rather uses what works best for his clients, guided by the principle of Human Movement, Sports Science and Chinese Medicine. “A great course and community run by actual health and wellness professionals and marketing experts. A great focus on practical and tactical skills and tools that empower you to take control of your own ability to grow your business the way you want.”
Andrew Dowler

Director and Exercise Physiologist, MoveEP

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