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Calling practitioners and coaches who want to attract and serve high-paying online clients

Finding online cash-pay clients is almost impossible without the correct knowledge, and no-one reaches their dreams, alone.

We’ll help you attract the right clients for your wellness practice. We’ll help you earn more, have more impact, and live a first-class life.

Are you ready to:

  • Own the success of your online business?
  • Build your dream life, because you’ve created a thriving business?
  • Charge your worth, because you’re amazing and provide HEAPS of value to your clients?

We help practitioners and coaches become incredibly successful in their online business. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been running your own show for decades, we’ve created clear pathways to help you build, grow, and scale your business (and your life). We’ve got a formula that simply works. 

It’s time to say bye-bye to those feelings of burnout, and cease worrying about whether you’re good enough for this. You are. You just need to know the right actions to take to get what you want. We’ll help you focus your efforts and your energy and provide you with a clear formula to implement.

Meet Alexandra Whitehead – Founder of The Practice Activator, registered Psychologist, 3 x business owner, entrepreneur, and digital marketer

Become a seriously successful business owner, of an online practice you love

Here’s how we can help you get a steady stream of online clients, make regular income, and scale from there:



10 day mini-course

An affordable foundational level mini-course to help you get started with your online wellness business. This course will help you avoid the fundamental errors many practitioners and coaches make, and help you refine your offering and your business. Now you’ll be able to focus your efforts where it counts

Free private group

Join a group of online practitioners and coaches and ask your peers and our team for advice to get you going

Pricing workshop bundle

Earn an extra $10,000 next year by getting your pricing for your online clients just right, by investing just $197 for our on-demand Pricing Workshop Bundle for Online Practitioners and Coaches 

Get high paying online clients: 4 week program

Increase your hourly rate by 233% with online, cash pay clients. Earn more, and serve more, without the burnout

The Online Practice Membership

Are you a practitioner or coach who wants to attract and serve high-paying online clients? If you’re motivated to take the actions you need to take to develop a business and life full of ease, joy, and impact, then this is the membership for you

1:1 Business coaching packages for online practitioners and coaches

Fast track your results with expert support and accountability with 1:1 coaching with Alexandra Whitehead – Founder, Psychologist, Digital Marketer, 3 x Business Owner, and Entrepreneur 

Join our free group Boosting Private Practice

Engaging presenter with extensive expertise in growing a practice

“Alex’s workshop was filled with relevant guidance to support a clinician in private practice.  She’s able to quickly share action steps that can lead to immediate impact in a practice.  Alex is a skilled and engaging presenter with extensive expertise in growing a practice.  Her workshop was well worth every minute.” 

– Stephanie Onan, LCSW

Success Stories

Alex exceeded my expectations by offering concrete tools to implement THAT DAY!”

I went into this workshop for therapists in private practice with an expectation that I would receive confirmation for the approaches I was using to market my business and reassurance that it takes time to build up–a “just keep swimming” message.

Alex exceeded my expectations by offering concrete tools to implement THAT DAY to niche down my message and attract the clients I am most passionate about. I left the workshop feeling SO inspired and energized!

Kaitlin Boyd

Practice Owner/Therapist , Discovering Peace, LLC and Mindful Matters, LLC

“All of the tools, skills, and guidance around online presence, branding, niching, and connecting with your ideal client are fantastic!”

Before connecting with Alex and The Practice Activator, I’d been contemplating my move towards personal branding and business. I was unsure about how to leverage my content in the digital world and how to use my website and social media to be found by my ideal clients.

From then until now I’ve been truly propelled into online business and supported 100% every step of the way. All of the tools, skills, and guidance around online presence, branding, niching, and connecting with your ideal client are fantastic! I’ve also got the accountability and motivation to create content that resonates with the right people.

I’ve learned a lot about understanding the metrics that drive the types of clients you want to see and have since connected with 5 private clients and have built a niche online community to share my professional knowledge and experiences with.

The humble guidance of Alex and The Practice Activator and strategic implementation has propelled me ahead in leaps and bounds in my personal business endeavors.

Matt’s background
I grew up playing it safe. I never really pushed my boundaries and found the edge of my comfort zone. Not until my university career. I’d been learning tech and programming most of my young life, and stumbled across my first real experience with exercise and movement in the form of Capoeira – a Brazillian Dance Fighting Martial Art.

My passion for movement play expanded and grew into a deep curiosity of different movement modalities, and I ended up continuing my study into chronic disease and illness as an Exercise Physiologist – servicing people with disease, disability, and injury to get them back to living a life they enjoy through (you guessed it) MOVEMENT. And the great news, is now my ideal clients can find me, and I can be seriously impactful!

Matt Hurley

Director and Exercise Physiologist, Movement Matt

“Having my perfect customer book in for a consult on the same day as I send out a targeted story makes me feel happy and satisfied that the time and effort of working on my own online marketing tasks is so worthwhile”

As a health practitioner, I was used to doing all the admin tasks for my small business. But marketing was not on my list: there were too many taboos and barriers, which I blamed on my professional registration body’s restrictions and of course the age-old excuse: “I haven’t got time”. These beliefs stopped me from taking any online marketing actions to increase my patient numbers.

After I worked through Alex’s program, I realized that not only I could, but I must connect with the right customers for my business and that providing information in a professional and authentic way helps people make better decisions about their health and wellness.

Having my perfect customer book in for a consult on the same day as I send out a targeted story makes me feel happy and satisfied that the time and effort of working on my own online marketing tasks is so worthwhile. I now love spending time serving my customer’s educational needs: posting helpful stories and videos and making it easy to access the amazing info I share at my website and socials.

Alex’s coaching sessions, after the intensive program, saves me so much time and keeps me focused on producing regular and innovative marketing projects and tasks. Each month Alex shares the best ways to make it easier to publish material for my right customers and be able to evaluate the results.

I appreciate the need to work smart for my micro-business; as there is only one person, me, to organize and get the work done. That’s why I really value Alex’s continuous research of cost-effective online resources and strategies that can help health professionals, like me, do the best job to find the right customers.

Denise Stewart

Director and Occupational Therapist, Breast & Shoulder Rehab

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